24 Hour Heywood Pest Control Services

Pest control is a professional’s job

Young’s Pest Control are pest removal specialists who are ready to provide professional 24 hour Heywood pest control services. Pests such as bedbugs, ants, insects and rodents cause diseases, spoil parts of buildings and ruin business reputations.

Many people are tempted to treat pest infestations themselves only to find this approach ineffective. The rats return, the ant nests remain unfound and untreated and bedbugs still bite. Moreover, treating pests such as rats or bumble bees with chemicals on our own can be hazardous to the health of humans, especially the young and elderly, and of the pets.

Pests spell danger

Pests such as rats, grey squirrel and bedbugs are not called pests for nothing. They all cause damage to humans, plants, food and buildings. For example, fleas suck on human and animals’ blood and can carry illnesses and transmit parasitic worms. Rodent fleas have been known to be carriers of murine typhus.

Safe and efficient

Experts at pest removal from Young’s Pest Control are experienced in the business of safe and efficient removal of
• Rats
• Mice
• Wasps
• Honeybees
• and Fleas

from your home, hospital, or office. Each pest species has its particular behavioural traits and ways of responding to attempts to remove it. It takes a specialist to know how to deal with pests.

Grey squirrels, ants and woodworms are also covered by Young’s Pest Control’s expertise in 24 hour Heywood pest control services

Each pest requires an individual approach

Only a professional would know some of the peculiarities of the pests.

• For instance, ants’ nest can be very small and hiding by the hot water pipes. Ants are social insects and live in large groups, so even if you try to kill some individually, the large part of the nest will survive. Only 10 percent of the Pharaoh Ants, a type common in the UK, go out foraging, while the rest stay in the nest and carry for the eggs and the young.

• Fleas are survivors and can live without a blood meal for several weeks. So, when you think you have defeated them, they can still lurk on the premises. Fleas’ larvae can take cover beneath your wall-to-wall carpeting, which they love for the dark and humid conditions there.

• Bedbugs do not just harbour in beds. They can also be found behind wallpaper on the walls below skirting boards and flaked plaster. Some can even hide within electrical sockets. Some people think that bed bugs are a thing of the past. However, although they almost disappeared in the 1940s, they made a comeback in the UK after 1995. One bed bug will produce 1 to 5 eggs every day.

Health and peace of mind are priceless

Young’s Pest Control will assess the particular species of pests that have been bothering you, and offer the most efficient way of dealing with them. Professional Heywood pest removal gives you peace of mind. After the professional treatment, your home, office or health facility can boast good hygiene, good visual effect and good reputation.

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